• The Propeller Club of the United States is a grassroots, non-profit organization, whose membership resides throughout the United States and the world.
  • It is dedicated to the enhancement and well-being of all interests of the maritime community on a national and international basis.
  • The Propeller Club aggressively promotes the maritime industry through many of its programs and partnering with other similar organizations.
  • Our goal is to educate legislators and the public as to the importance and necessity of all waterborne commerce. Please explore our website to learn more of The Propeller Club’s objectives and activities.
  • The Propeller Club was conceived in 1922 and the Propeller Club, Port of New York, was organized on January 24, 1923. On November 7, 1927, the Propeller Club of the United States as a national and international organization was formed, with individual member clubs designated as “Ports.”

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The Propeller Club, Port of Boston, was chartered November 9, 1927 as Port No. 2.

The membership comprises a cross section of the maritime industry throughout the United States and in many cities overseas. The Propeller Club is particularly well equipped to promote, further and support the merchant marine. “Propeller” in the name refers to the propulsion of ships and is symbolic of the driving force required for Americans to appreciate the need for an adequate, privately-owned merchant marine for both overseas and domestic commerce.

Today, the Propeller Club is the largest and the only grass roots maritime association in the United States.

The “American Merchant Marine” as interpreted by the Propeller Club includes all American flag commercial craft – on the oceans in both foreign and coastwise service, the Great Lakes and our Inland waterways.

Officers / Board of Directors